"Transpersonal and Hallucinating"                                                                     


The INTERNATIONAL HOLOTROPIC ART ASSOCIATION (I.H.A.A.) intends to develop and promote the authentic and really valuable cultural phenomena on the national and international level, of the concept of holotropic art innitiated by Edi Apostu.

Beginning with 2009 the INTERNATIONAL HOLOTROPIC ART ASSOCIATION (I.H.A.A.) organizes ”The International Annual Holotropic Art Symposium”

Thorugh its actions The ”Holotropic Art” Association intends to promote and develop the cultural phenomena on all levels, to cultivate and develop the artistic sense among people, to mix the traditional cultural elements with the modern ones, to mix the Romanian cultural elements with those of the different national minorities, to mix the Romanian cultural elements with those belonging to the European and international culture.

The INTERNATIONAL HOLOTROPIC ART ASSOCIATION (I.H.A.A.) has as a goal the knowing and spreading of culture, the promoting of all the forms of artistic expression, either traditional or contemporary and modern as: visual arts (painting, sculpturing, graphics, photography, 3D graphics, ceramics, etc), the conceptual arts, literature, poetry, music, theatre, film, dance, either inside the country or abroad.                        

The INTERNATIONAL HOLOTROPIC ART ASSOCIATION (I.H.A.A.) promotes a series of innitiatives and study occasions that concern both the young and the adults; the support of the disabled people of all kinds and their integration in the society, as well as the different defavoured cathegories of people, either ethnic or social, and the connection  of the educational cultural factors or the rehabilitation factors that can support, form or reform the different cathegories of people mentioned above, as well as the fight against marginalization of these people by the society.

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